What is Teledermatology?

Thanks to advances in technology (and modern medicine) telemedicine, or e-health, is becoming a much more widely accepted alternative to traditional office visits. One specialty that is particularly suited to telehealth is dermatology. Images, captured and transmitted by the patient, can be evaluated remotely by the provider, leading to the diagnosis and treatment of many common skin conditions. Video conferencing technology lends a more personal feel to telederm visits, giving patients the added benefit of face time with their provider, without the commute to an office.

How Does it Work?

Luminary Dermatology leverages cutting-edge technology and world-class Dermatologists to serve patients from the comfort of their own home, office, or skilled care facility. In many cases, all that's needed to receive a rapid diagnosis from a leading expert in dermatology is a smartphone.

Patients simply download the app, input their personal information to create an e-health record, and follow the instructions for capturing and submitting an image (or images) for review by one of our providers. All data and images are securely transmitted, stored, and protected by the same privacy rules and regulations set forth by HIPPAA.

One of Luminary's highly specialized dermatologists will review your chart and transmitted images and, in most cases, you will receive a response in 12 hours or less.

Your provider will prescribe a plan for treatment and any necessary medications will be transmitted to your pharmacy.

In the event that you require an in-person visit, one of our Scheduling Assistants will be in touch.

We bill your insurance, if applicable, and self-pay patients will receive a charge on the credit card on file. It's just that easy.

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